Hello, my name is Bruce Braithwaite and I am an Innovative UI/UX, Front-end, Hybrid Mobile Developer.

Portfolio what i create

History where i have been

I have developed web based e-commerce tools and online store fronts for one of the first online shopping portals. In a key Senior Manager and Developer role, I helped grow a startup into a successful enterprise level software provider for many Fortune 500 companies. I have seen inspiring and beautiful places as I have traveled the world to client event locations (Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Washington DC). I have developed web and mobile applications for event management and product information. I now proudly work for a company that is literally saving lives with health data and intelligent software.

Employment history: iMall, Excite@Home, WingateWeb, The Active Network, Lanyon, doTERRA, Health Catalyst

In 1995, Brigham Young University awarded me with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design.

Skills what i know

  • Front-end Web Development & Conceptual Design - CSS, HTML, Javascript, Layout, UI/UX Design & Prototypes
  • Mobile - Ionic Framework/Cordova/PhoneGap, Responsive Web, Single Page Apps
  • Libraries & Scripting - AngularJS, KnockoutJS, jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, TypeScript, PHP
  • Data & API - MySql, NoSQL/CouchDB, JSON, REST, AJAX, LocalStorage, IndexedDB
  • Agile & Development Cycle - Planning, Contributing, Implementation, Automation (Selenium)
  • Leadership - Product Management, Team Management, Code Standards, Design Standards, Best Practices

About who i am

I am a family man. I appreciate good design, art and media in all of it's many forms. I have visited many amazing places throughout the world. I am a sports fan. I am formally educated, self taught, self motivated and a quick study. I enjoy carving slopes and crashing waves. I am a respectable golfer. And... I write a lot of code.

Why boo? It's just a nickname.